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Reviews for Eastlake Flats

Posted On: 9/1/2017

Would Recommend Against

Positives: Rooftop deck has a great view of the city, some of the folks that live there are really nice and have become life long friends. Inexpensive rent compared to other micro studios. Its a newer building so fixtures are all new. Negatives: Building management is either incompetent or doesn't care about quality of resident life. The communal kitchens permanently smell like shellfish. Fire alarms are constantly going off. If you want to park a car, you need to move your car to the other side of the street twice a day or you will get towed. Garbage management short comings can be a health issue for residents and their pets. There was often garbage piles surrounding the building and usually garbage strewn throughout the ground in the dumper area. At one point, a homeless guy was sleeping under a staircase in the building and building management waited months to change the locks after they were made aware. Supplied fixtures, while new, are one level of quality and durability less than Ikea. On one of many late nights standing outside the building during a fire alarm, I overhead the fire department talking about fire safety issues with the building maintenance person. I ended up moving out before my lease ended because I did not feel that the building was safe or favorable for occupancy. When I returned my keys, the new manager seemed pretty nice. However, with the past in mind I would recommend against any Thrive Managed apartments. When I brought these issues to attention of management I was told that I was wrong for seeing them as issues. Rent at your own risk.
By: Anonymous   
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Posted On: 8/17/2017

Best Living Experience!

This community is centrally located with close proximity to Lake Union. Great views are seen from my deck and common area deck space. The building is modern, well maintained and offers a lot of amenities for a smaller rent space. Rent is reasonable and continues to exceed my expectations! The only downside is no parking but was recently offered across the street.
By: Anonymous   
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Posted On: 8/8/2017

Eastlake Flats Move-in Rating

I am sent a one-sided email to rate your Eastlake Flats property on move-in with no option to explain. Suffice it to say, I think it should be illegal for you to attempt a forced rating with no explanation, which makes it seem as though you do not really care why I feel this way, you're only interested in retaliation for someone that feels harmed by your company. When I moved in I was threatened that I would be towed if I stayed parked longer than 30 minutes in the space. There was not one individual that even offered assistance with the door to facilitate this 30-minute time period and the possibility of heat stroke. Also, I might mention, it was indicated to me that I could not begin moving until 10 am. If I would have been able to begin at 6 am, I may have avoided this abusive situation which is what I consider it to be. It's very hot in Seattle at this point. When I moved in, I reported a missing screen which has yet to be placed on my window. Need I go further?
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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